Seminary Routine

Daily prayers are held in the morning, midday and evening in the seminary chapel. Every Wednesday morning Holy Eucharist is celebrated in the seminary chapel for the faculty and students

The students are expected to observe the following rules during class hours (9.00 am-12.30 pm & 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm)

Students are expected to be in their classes on time.

Under no circumstance the student is to be in his/her room during class hours, unless sick.

If the student has to be absent from a class, he/she must inform the teacher in advance and receive his/her permission, in addition to informing the warden.

If the concerned teacher is absent, the students are expected to be in the library and utilize the time meaningfully.

For extended leave the student has to inform the principal through the warden and receive his permission prior to leaving the seminary.

Frequent absence from the class will result in being barred from writing the examinations.

The following rules must be observed during the study hours

Students are encouraged to make best use of the personal study hours scheduled during the course of the day.
Students are expected to stay in the library during study hours.
Visiting other rooms is prohibited.
Study time is also scheduled for Saturday from 9 am to 12.30 noon, except on second saturday.

The bell will mark the time for meals in the mess hall (Break fast 8.30 am, Lunch 1pm, Tea at 4pm and dinner at 7.30 pm)
Students are not expected in the mess hall before the signal bell. Late arrival should be avoided.
No one should begin their meals before grace is said or leave their seats before grace at the end of the meals.
Plates, glasses and jugs from the mess hall are not to be taken to the rooms without permission.

Students are not allowed to leave for home unless for an emergency and during vacation. In unavoidable situations, leave may be obtained from the warden. Leave form will be available from the Warden. Those who fail to keep the time of his/ her leave have to pay fine according to the decision of the faculty.
Time of leaving and arrival should be reported to the warden.
Those who want leave for more than three days should obtain prior sanction from the principal.
Students who are absent for more than five days due to health have to produce a medical certificate and present it to the Registrar and Warden upon their return.
Students who leave the seminary campus should come back by 5.30 pm.
Entries should be made in the movement register regarding time of leaving and arrival.
Students can go outside the campus on first, third and fifth saturdays, and should return before 3pm.

Except the Second year's students, all other students are assigned to churches on Sunday as part of their field education.
They are expected to reach their respective churches in time for Sunday morning prayers, complete their assigned duties and return to the seminary by 5.30 p.m.
Prior sanction must be obtained from warden for those who have to leave on Saturdays.
Under no circumstances the students are allowed to substitute anybody for the Sunday practical work.
Students are permitted to participate in the main feast of the practical Church with prior permission and are not permitted to participate in their own parish feasts.